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LVB-CD 250206
Sonata Tanguera
Duo Aguirre-Rocco
CD Release: 01.09.2008

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Pablo Aguirre (Piano & Komposition) Pablo Aguirre (piano & composing)

Luis Rocco (Querflöte) Luis Rocco (traverse flute)

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Duo Aguirre-Rocco

The duo Aguirre-Rocco consists of the pianist and composer Pablo Aguirre and the flutist Luis Rocco. Both obtained great acceptance in Argentina.

Their acting in unison of the two musicians create a symbiosis of composition and interpretation. Aguirre's emotionality complements with the richness of shades in Rocco's playing.

Duo Aguirre-Rocco

Frequently the flute, as the melody leading instrument, gives the interpretation an element of airiness, while the stimuli come from the piano.

The duo's repertoire consists exclusively of compositions by Pablo Aguirre.

Pablo Aguirre

His doing embraces as well general public music as orchestral and chamber music compositions. He was honored with notable awards, like the "Estímulo a la Creación" of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2008, 2004 und 1997) and the and the Belgrano University Prize in the "Folk & Fusion" category (1987).

His style of composition includes classical structures and concepts of harmony of the 20th century that are united with the character of tango and folklore.

Luis Rocco

He founded the duo Aguirre-Rocco with Pablo Aguirre in 2002. As a flutist he played with several symphonic orchestras in Argentina and, since 1985, he is a member of the Colón Opera House Philarmonic Orchestra in Buenos Aires.

He teaches at the Buenos Aires City Conservatorium and at his alma mater, the Music Institute of the Litoral University.

Genuine Stereo

This productions is a pure stereo recording without multitrack and multi-microphone techniques.

This way phase errors and mixing losses are avoided. In order to obtain a naturally genuine sound, no signalprocessors altering frequencies or dynamics were used.


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CD Release: 01.09.2008

Sonata Tanguera - Duo Aguirre-Rocco
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The first album of the Duo Aguirre-Rocco released in Europe, combines two in the Argentinian culture engrained styles of music - the european classical music and the tango.

Its musical themes and rhythmic elements are still preserved but integrated in traditional chamber music.

The name-giving Tango-Sonata (orig.: Sonata Tanguera) was developed in 2001, in a time of political crisis in Argentinia and during a complete changeover in the life of the composer Pablo Aguirre.

In searching for a new musical identity, an enrichment for the modern chamber music and a real new form of the classical sonata came into being.

The structure of the sonata form is the basis for the Tango-Sonata. The fragments of the sonata form are seperated to create the new framework for the single movements. The Tango-Sonata is also influenced by Astor Piazolla's "Tango Nuevo" but finds its special musical shape.

Sonata Tanguera no.1
Buenos Aires en llamas

Download via Potatosystem 01 Allegro appasionato
Download via Potatosystem 02 Vals
Download via Potatosystem 03 Andante malinconico
Download via Potatosystem 04 Allegro con spirito
Download via Potatosystem 05 Adagio
Download via Potatosystem 06 Allegro

Sonata Tanguera no.2
Buenos Aires renacer

Download via Potatosystem 07 Allegro
Download via Potatosystem 08 Vals
Download via Potatosystem 09 Lento
Download via Potatosystem 10 Allegro con brio
Download via Potatosystem 11 Adagio cantabile
Download via Potatosystem 12 Allegro

Suite Buenos Aires

Download via Potatosystem 13 Acercamientos
Download via Potatosystem 14 Distancias
Download via Potatosystem 15 El festejo
Download via Potatosystem

Himno por la memoria

Download via Potatosystem

Pasión ensordecedora

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